Adam Hurt (Early Galax Fiddling)

Episode 16 · October 19th, 2016 · 1 hr 25 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool, Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! I’m real proud to present my jam and conversation with fiddler and melodic clawhammer banjoist extraordinaire Adam Hurt. Adam wanted to do an episode on early Galax fiddling, a subject about which he’s very knowledgeable, so I expected this to be an educational episode, and it is. What I didn’t necessarily expect was a deeply personal story about the role of Old Time in Adam’s life. I haven’t read or listened to a lot of his other interviews, so I’m not sure how typical it is for him to talk like this in front of a mic, but, suffice it to say, the stuff he says explains a lot about his playing, and, you know, how he got to be the musician we all admire so much. Also, musically, this episode is probably the sweetest one yet. I’m really happy to share it with you; you’re gonna love it.

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