Keith Billik (The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast / Get Up in the Cool Crossover!)

Episode 275 · December 1st, 2021 · 1 hr 41 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! Also, welcome to The Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast! Keith Billik and I did a crossover podcast back in early October at IBMA in Raleigh, North Carolina. If you’re not already subscribed, go follow Picky Fingers wherever you get your podcasts!

Tunes and songs in this episode:

  • Farewell Trion (0:50)
  • Jeff Sturgeon (28:04)
  • Avalon Quickstep (1:01:19)
  • Daley’s Reel (1:13:22)
  • Road to Malvern (1:37:10)
  • Bonus track: Home Sweet Home

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