Sophie Wellington (Live at Earful of Fiddle '22)

Episode 308 · July 20th, 2022 · 51 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is Sophie Wellington, with lots of special guests! We recorded this back in June in Rodney, Michigan at Earful of Fiddle Music and Dance Camp in front of a live audience of campers and staff. Special thanks to Kris Stableford, Bruce Bauman, and Nic Gareiss for hosting a live podcast taping and for creating such a lovely camp!

Tunes in this episode:

  • Marcus Martin’s Boatman w/ Nic Gareiss (0:57)
  • Liza Jane w/ Ruby John (15:17)
  • Puncheon Floor w/ Bruce Bauman and Lindsay McCaw (27:45)
  • Let’s Hunt the Horses w/ Laurel Premo and Jake Blount (35:11)
  • Irish Polka (43:34)
  • Bonus track: John Brown’s Dream w/ Bruce Bauman, Ruby John, Micah Ling, Gray Reynolds, Jake Blount, Laurel Premo, Nic Gareiss, Emily Doebler, Tyler Schwartz, and Sheila Graziano

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