Libby Weitnauer (Live at Black Creek Fiddlers' Reunion)

Episode 56 · August 30th, 2017 · 44 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool: Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt and Friends! This week’s friend is Libby Weitnauer! We recorded this interview in front of a live audience at Black Creek Fiddlers’ Reunion, and I’ve been really excited to share it, because Libby is a wonderful fiddler and she’s lovely to talk to. One of my favorite things is listening to classically trained violinists who fall in love with Old Time, because they take the same dedication and discipline necessary to play classical violin and apply it to accurately transmitting this old music. Some never quite make the transition and have trouble getting it, but others, like Libby, bring something really special to the tradition. 

Thanks again to Black Creek for hosting us and supporting Get Up in the Cool on Patreon! I’m going to get this show started. Stick around after the interview for details on how to support the show and maybe hear Libby and I play this week’s bonus track, Dull Chisel. 

Here’s my jam and chat with Libby Weitnauer. Enjoy!

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