Brian Slattery (I learned this tune from...)

Episode 6 · August 10th, 2016 · 54 mins 11 secs

About this Episode

Welcome to Get Up in the Cool, episode 6, wherein I jam and chat with renaissance man Brian Slattery. I really love the theme of this episode: Brian doesn’t learn old time tunes from source recordings, so he chose tunes that he learned from specific people, in person. In a way, Brian is more old time than my nerdiest guests (God bless them); his sources are all relational. Also, he lets the folk process do its work; Brian likes to say that he isn’t “precious” about “what the tune is.”

Big thanks to Harry Bolick and Pat Schories for hosting this episode at their beautiful home and feeding us wonderful food. Stick around after the interview for details on how to support the show and get access to this week’s bonus track: another tune from my jam with Brian and Harry with the ever-so-quaint title: Rats Gone to Rest.

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