Chris Dalnodar (Sarah Armstrong Tunes)

Episode 9 · August 31st, 2016 · 50 mins 41 secs

About this Episode

Welcome to episode 9 of Get Up in the Cool, Old Time Music with Cameron DeWhitt, and Friends. I’m Cameron, and my featured friend this week is fiddler Chris Dalnodar. Seeing as we both live in Philadelphia and his was the first local episode of the show, Chris thought it would be nice to do some Pennsylvania, or more specifically, Pennsatucky tunes. All of the tunes in this episode were performed by Ms. Sarah Armstrong and transcribed by ethnomusicologist Samuel Bayard outside of Derry, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1943. While the transcriptions are easy to find, these tunes aren’t as popular as they should be! So I hope that all you fiddlers out there will be inspired to add a little Pennsatucky to your repertoire so I can play these tunes with you.  

Stick around after the episode to learn how to get access to this week’s bonus track, “Over the Stump and Back Again.”

Chris Dalnodar, everybody!




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